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Kiss And Tell – Have The Tables Turned?

November 27th, 2010 by Lisa
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Kiss and Tell

In school, it was the boys who gathered in the locker room to discuss all their sexual exploits, real and imaginary. Somehow they felt this added validity to their budding manhood as they struggled with emerging pubic hair, pimples, excessive sweat and new body odors. The girls at that same time, while trying to catch the eye of these young men often ended up as part of an embarrassing tale. And then we all graduated and matured…right?

Well it seems that the ladies have now taken the stage to talk about their sexual exploits. But instead the changing room, they gather in suburban kitchens, coffee shops and “ladies nights out”. Turn on just about any television show and you will find a group of ladies, huddled, sharing the dirt on their partners.

Is this reality, or is it ‘reality’ TV. Find out what these women had to say about Kiss and Tell:

“I’m not afraid to talk about sex like I was when I was younger. I don’t put a guy down, but I do find it helpful to talk to my friends. It’s nice to pick up something new to try with my guy.” – Beverly, Brighton, Sussex

“I love guys, but sometimes they are just too full of themselves. For those ones, I show no mercy when I’m with my gal pals!” – Sarah, Bogner, Sussex

“No, I don’t kiss and tell. I’m in a long term relationship and those moments are special to me. I don’t want to share!” – Charlotte, Brighton, Sussex

“I don’t kiss and tell specifics about my sexual encounters, but my girlfriends and I do talk about sex in general. We talk about positions that work, how to stay healthy, and different places to explore when having sex. Those conversations don’t hurt anybody, they are not cruel gossip. It’s more like sex education for adults.” – Jo, Eastbourne, Sussex

“I had this incredible guy that was great in bed. I used to tell my closest friend about our sex life, in great detail. I figured, it’s all good so what’s the harm? Well, he found out and was actually embarrassed. I really miss him.” Karla, Brighton, Sussex

“I wouldn’t want my husband talking about me that way, so I don’t talk to my friends about him that way. The intimacy we share stays between the two of us.” – Julie, Hove, Sussex

“Sex is fun, and sometimes it’s funny. I share the funny stories, but only long after the guy is out of my life…which may be just a few weeks!” Tami, New York

Don’t Settle In The Bedroom – Get What You want

November 24th, 2010 by Zoe
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The truth is, in a good relationship your partner wants to give you what you want; she wants to please you. The problem is that sometimes we don’t communicate our needs very well when it comes to sex. That’s a shame. Sex can be enjoyable for both partners if we just take the time to observe each other and express ourselves better. Follow these tips and you will likely have a more enjoyable bedroom experience…

Get What You Want In The Bedroom

Get What You Want In The Bedroom

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Make It All About Her With A Sensual Massage

For a woman, nothing could be better than to experience two things that she loves at the same time – sex and a massage. Sure, she would probably want to throw her other love, shopping, into the mix but that could get a little awkward. And since most men would prefer to skip the shopping and leave that up to her girlfriends, why not pick up a few pointers in the sensual massage department so it becomes your exclusive territory and not that of her girlfriends…

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

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Master The Art Of French Kissing

April 11th, 2010 by Zoe
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Have you ever watched a Frenchman cook, or eat? The meal is not an end to a means (i.e.…survival food so you don’t starve); the meal is a passionate journey, a celebration of life. Each ingredient that goes in is added with the purpose of making the meal memorable, enjoyed, celebrated. So to with lovemaking. It’s not all about the final destination, the orgasm. It includes the entire journey. To make your journey unforgettable, then you must master the art of French kissing

Master the Art of French Kissing

Master the Art of French Kissing

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Sex Bloopers That Guys Make – Top 10

Sex. Seems like a simple thing, right. A simple word, just three letters. Easy to spell, easy to pronounce. So why is it that guys sometimes forget the basics, the ABC’s if you will, of sexual protocol? Here’s the top 10 Sex Bloopers that guys continue to make…

Top 10 - 'Don't Do That' tips

Top 10 Sex Bloopers That Guys Continue to Make

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