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Kinky Sex Habits and Fantasies of London Students Revealed

November 15th, 2014 by Lisa
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A surprising new survey has revealed that almost half of London students have steamy thoughts concerning their professors. A student newspaper called “The London Tab” delved into the sex lives of students of University College, London (UCL) and came up with some titillating results. The survey covered everything from sexting while texting, etiquette for one-night stands, and what’s desirable in a bed buddy.

The majority of the students polled, 38.4 percent, were between the ages of 16-18 when they lost their virginity, but a significant minority was — 26. 5 percent — was between 14-16 years old. Late bloomers whose deflowering occurred at some point after reaching the ripe old age of 18 weighed in at 21.5 percent, and 12.3 percent of the students surveyed as still as pure as the driven snow.

Thirty percent of the respondents have had one to two partners since beginning university, and one-fifth of those surveyed had three to four separate lovers since starting their pursuit of higher education. Twenty-two percent of the students had experienced sexual relations with seven or more partners. Altogether, 219 students participated in the survey.

When asked which majors had the best bed buddies, law students ranked lowest, garnering only 8.7 percent of the total vote. History students fared best at 22.8 percent, with natural science students trailing by just a few percentage points at 20.1 percent.

Although almost half of the students polled contained their sexual activities to the traditional bedroom, 19 students claimed to be uncertain of where the majority of their amorous encounters occurred. Slightly over 36 percent opted to indulge in sexual activity in locations other than their beds. Favoured sites include school libraries, kitchen floors, and nightclubs.

At 63.5 percent, the majority of students said that they routinely allowed their one-night stands to remain in their beds until the morning, but 18 no-nonsense types claim that they expect their temporary partners to vacate the premises after the deed is done. A hopeful 28.3 percent stated that it depended on whether they felt that their may be more sexual activity to come after the first round.

These students were definitely a conscientious bunch when it came to the no glove, no love rule: The majority have never experienced a sexually transmitted disease. Even though sexting is on the rise, over 40 percent have never engaged in phone sex or sent nude pictures of themselves through services such as Skype.

Handcuffs, whippings, spankings, and blindfolds were all popular play options among respondents, and over one-third of the students reported that they masturbate three or four times per week. Almost 10 percent do so on a daily basis. Over 46 percent of the randy rascals have fantasized about having sex with one of their professors and wouldn’t be averse to doing the deed on a lectern.

Students Caught Having Sex On CCTV At Exeter University Safer Sex Ball

March 6th, 2013 by Lisa
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Two students have been caught on CCTV in a passionate clinch at, ironically, Exeter University’s Safer Sex Ball, sparking an investigation by officials. The footage taken by cameras in the student union’s Ram bar, which was then recorded on a mobile phone, has been circulating amongst students on the internet and via WhatsApp since the beginning of this year. According to national papers the pair were engaged in full penetrative poking, however student publications report “heavy petting and oral sex”. The explicit four minute video, which shows the naked couple in flagrante up against a partition, took place at the
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Bangor Students ‘Have The Most Sex’

December 15th, 2012 by Lisa
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Students from the Welsh university of Bangor “have the most sex” according to a league table published by a student website. The frisky freshers admitted to having an average number of 8.31 partners since starting university – 2.51 more than their closest competitors Heriot-Watt students, who ranked in second place. The virile victory was revealed in a survey of more than 4,600 students by website The “University Sex League” saw Bangor’s salacious students knocking the University of Glamorgan off the top spot – The top five were: Rank University Average no. of sexual partners since starting uni 1 Bangor
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