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How Naughty Have You Been?

April 9th, 2016 by Lisa
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Everyone’s got a bit of naughtiness in them – some have more than most. As a child being too naughty meant no gifts from Santa, but as an adult, it means something entirely different. Still wondering if you’ve made the naughty list this year? We’ve compiled a list of 20 sexual escapades and activities to see just how saucy some of you are.

How Naughty Have You Been?

How Naughty Have You Been?

How many of these have you done? Tally up your score and see if you make the naughty list!

1. Made a sex video (5 points)

2. Sex with a foreigner (1 point for each nationality)

3. Getting it on in the ocean (3 points)

4. Kissed a girl – and liked it! (3 points)

5. Masturbated discreetly in a public place (5 points)

6. Fucked in a public park (5 points)

7. Banged more than 1 person in a night (5 points)

8. Did the dirty deed in every room of your place (5 points)

9. Fucked with someone watching (5 points)

10. Done anal (3 points)

11. Participated in a threesome (5 points)

12. Skinny dipping in the daytime (3 points)

13. Backseat sex (3 points)

14. Bought new sex toys (2 points)

15. Given a handjob in a public place (3 points)

16. Shagged in the office (1 point)

17. Flashed the goods (1 point)

18. Licked a butthole (3 points)

19. Took a load in the face (1 point)

20. Been tied down (2 points)


Here’s what your score says about you:

1-20: You’re playing it safe, maybe a bit too safe. Take a walk on the wild side and try something new – you just might like it ;)

21-40: Look at you, you sexy devil! You definitely know how to have a good time… now why not try for an even better time!

41-60: Congrats! You’ve made the Randy Rabbits Naughty List! By now you must know that Santa is just a judgemental prude but you’re probably too busy having all sorts of sexual fun to care.

60+: Woah… somebody get this sex beast a trophy or at least a shiny medal!

Sick and perverted always appeals to me.

– Madonna

We hope we’ve shown you just how naughty you are. If your score is a bit low, don’t worry, you still have time to cross them off in the near naughty future!


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