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Sex: What’s Changed Since the ‘80s?

July 21st, 2016 by Lisa
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Thirty years ago, the average man thought the clitoris was a Greek hotel and the average woman didn’t know how to enlighten him. A man’s sex education consisted of what his misinformed friends told him. As an editor on British national newspapers, I received letters from confused and timid women, which made it clear that sex, from a woman’s point of view, needed to be explicitly addressed.

During this period, despite the Swinging Sixties, the perception of sex was that everybody did it. You could sunbathe topless, wear see-through dresses and fornicate more than previously, but nobody actually talked about sex: it was considered embarrassing.

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Source – Shirley Conran – Sex: What’s Changed Since the ‘80s? :



British Believe Sex Is Going To Increase Over Christmas

Many couples automatically believe that shags and cuddles naturally slide to back-burner status during the holiday season due to the frenetic pace of the season. Holiday pressures certainly have the power to dim the lights of amour, but surprisingly, research has shown that the sexual motors of many couples become recharged and running just fine as a directly result of holiday festivities and frolic. For instance, a representative from Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels claims that one in 10 couples spark beneath the sheets as a grande finale to evenings of revelry while wearing a festive hat. Apparently, there is something
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Open The Door To Dirty Sex

October 12th, 2010 by Lisa
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It’s probably a lot easier for a guy to indulge in his sexual fantasies than a woman. The minds of men are locked in on the visual aspects of sex and it adds to their sexual achievements if they have a few dirty sex stories to share. For women, however, their dirty side may be buried under a few layers of “prim and proper”. But don’t assume that you can’t unbury what is there…

Open the Door to Dirty Sex

Open the Door to Naughty Sex

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