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Sexual Instruction For Fit And Spiritual Orgasms

April 15th, 2012 by Lisa
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Give a new spiritual meaning to Oh My God sex. Sexual instruction becomes useful for couples looking for satisfaction in their physical life. There is nothing wrong with the desire to explore orgasms with your sexual partner. In fact, a mind, body and soul connection can allow you to break through your sexual barriers and fully enjoy what your body is capable of. We are equipped for sex. We are wired for orgasms. Find out how to get them.

First let’s talk about being fit for sex and orgasms. This means your health and the shape you are in. Understand that your sex life will closely mirror how well you take care of yourself physically. If you don’t do a very good job of it, then you are likely not enjoying the kind of sex that you should be having – because you are not taking the initiative to take care of it.

Before you get all tied up in a ball, I’m not talking about weight, shape, dimples, or droops. You don’t have to be an Adonis to enjoy great sex. What you must have, however, is respect for your body. After all, if you don’t respect it then how can you expect anybody else to respect it?

Eat well. Get in a little exercise even if it’s just a jog or a walk. Demand of yourself to feel good in matters of health and you will be of the mindset to demand to feel good, and get your orgasms, in matters of sex.

The foods that you can consume to enhance your sexual pleasure include those containing zinc, magnesium, calcium, arginine, and vitamin C.

Next, let’s explore that spiritual side of sex. This is about a connection that will blow your mind because it goes beyond just the physical side of sex. It’s a connection, even if temporary, that allows you to choose to be a little vulnerable with your sex partner.

Let me emphasize the word “choose”. Also, understand that being vulnerable should never put you in danger. Good sex comes from a point of personal power, not power over someone else.

When you control the tempo of passion, not control the passion, allowing yourself to delay your orgasms, and allowing yourself to enjoy multiple orgasms, you can bring sex to a whole new level. Guys would do well to really pay attention to their female partner and learn how to read the signs of her level of desire.

Hot and flush, she’s ready to play; nipples hard, she’s ready for penetration; throat and lips dry, pick up the pace and thrust a little harder and a little deeper; things get slipper, keep going – she can handle it; thick secretions (hers, not his) and you have a happy camper…but don’t stop and don’t finish. This is when the guy should delay ejaculation, switch positions, and start to really have fun.

Sexual instruction is a guide, and each person is at a different level of physical and mental fitness when it comes to sex. Although guys have a difficult time, or must wait a bit, after ejaculation to be able to continue; a woman can orgasm over, and over, and over again with nary a breath in between. Use this knowledge to your advantage guys, and you will be a sought after lover. Don’t worry, your will get plenty of appreciation and pleasure in return.

Lisa Devine and her partner are experts on sex and seduction. They met online through an adult dating site and only come up for air when they have something new to share. Other times the door is locked with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the handle. If you would like to receive more free tips on sex and seduction then hop on over to

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