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There Is A New Swinging Party In Town!

September 11th, 2010 by Zoe
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Who would believe that John and Jane Dee were the first swinging couple? I don’t know about you, but ‘Dee’ sounds and awful lot like ‘Doe’. Could it be that even in the 16th century, the true identity of this couple remains a mystery although the wife-swapping arrangement was made official with a written document? How many unconventional relationships have signed into motel rooms as John and Jane Doe?

Swinging party in town

Swinging party in town

A Swingers History

The 17th century ‘Swingers community’ set up in Prague may have been the first version of Woodstock followed by similar ‘free love’ groups and (Frankists) ceremonies in 18th century Greece. Then of course there was the annual orgy, I mean ceremony, of the Shabbatain Purim cult which took place during the sheep holiday – which frankly makes me a little nervous. I would be concerned about mixing orgies and sheep…but that’s just me!

A Swinging Fast Forward

Jumping to the 20th century, where else but Berkley during the 1960’s would the grassroots Sexual Freedom League, the first swingers’ organization, be born? Information disseminated by this group produced an acceptance of swinging by over 4 million Americans. Wife swapping became fashionable in the United States followed by wide acceptance by the United Kingdom in the 1970s. For some modern couples, their nuptials may need to be amended as “I promise to love, honor, cherish and swing!”

But what’s in a name? “Wife swapping” seems to clash with the women’s movement; however, women involved find the whole process empowering when handled in a mature manner. The label for this activity has evolved from “wife swapping” to “swinging” and most recently to “lifestyle”.

And it is indeed a lifestyle, often treated as a social activity. Similar to singles dating connections, a couple can engage in seeking out equally adventurous and mature couples to “play” with in lifestyle groups, swingers clubs, dating sites such as Randy Rabbits or private home parties. Move over Tupperware, there is a new party in town and it’s meant to preserve healthy, happy marriages instead of leftovers!

I have no objection to anyone’s sex life as long as they don’t practice it in the street & frighten the horses.

Oscar Wilde

Let’s Swing and Sum up: Conclusion

Couples who swing come from all economic and social levels. It’s estimated that 20% of all married Americans swing and that 90% of swingers are married. An unmarried swinger is a welcomed exception. So how can this activity be healthy for a marriage? Both partners agree to participate in the activity. This takes any betrayal felt when a spouse cheats out of the equation. If you ask any married person what hurt most when their partner cheated they will point to the betrayal rather than hurt over the actual physical act.

Practicing safe sex can allow healthy couples to explore sexual and emotional feelings together by swinging. Many couples will begin exploring this option through swinger sites to discover local groups and opportunities. Of course, couples should understand it’s not for everyone but it’s possible to have fun and still put the needs of your primary partner first. The best matches, for this lifestyle, are couples that have a strong marriage.

Fancy seeing naughty couples and singles in your area? It’s easy, have a quick search on your right to see if anyone is near you.

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