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Myths on Sex and Dating – Is It Time for Some New Rules?

January 6th, 2012 by Lisa
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Probably the greatest myth on sex ever spoken is the three date rule. This myth states that you have to take a woman out three times before you can have sex with her. Three times! Three dinners, three forced conversations with a bunch of small talk, when all the two of you really want to do is have sex? Really?

Like all archaic principles this may have been true at some time in the past, and it may continue to be true today for those looking for true love and a soul mate on some online dating sites. But there is a whole other group of adults, one that is growing by leaps and bounds, that simply wants to become involved with an adult online dating site whose focus is on fun, on sex, and everything that is possible outside of conventional rules. No dinners required!

Truth be told, when you both have the same motivations on sex and what your encounter is about then it should only take about six hours to have sex. And for those with a tremendous amount of stamina, that encounter could even last six hours!

Think about it this way. If you wanted to buy a car, would you go to the showroom floor several times during the week just to visit the car and the salesperson? Probably not. The car is there to be sold. You are interested in buying. After about 6 hours of negotiation, the business equivalent of seduction, the deal is closed and you drive off in your shiny new toy.

In the world of adult online dating you may spend some time chatting up with a potential partner that has the same desires on sex that you do. This could be a casual encounter, a UK quickie, or a no strings attached relationship. The result could be that you both agree to a face to face meeting and discover if you are ready to get it on in real life.

Sometimes people meet in this manner and do in fact find their soul mate. However, coming out of the gate that is not the goal. In fact, because of the new rules of online dating you may just discover that a lot of the emotional baggage that can come with dating is removed before it can even accumulate. This opens you up to some exciting possibilities on sex and your future.

Lisa Devine and her partner are experts on sex and seduction. They met online through an adult dating site and only come up for air when they have something new to share. Other times the door is locked with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the handle. If you would like to receive more free tips on sex and seduction then hop on over to and get your free report.

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How Can You Make Casual Sex Better?

October 15th, 2011 by Lisa
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Casual sex shouldn’t mean sloppy sex. To get the most out of a casual dating relationship you still need to bring your “A” game to the playing field.

How can you make casual sex better?

How can you make casual sex better?

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Is it even possible to live a celibate life?

April 6th, 2013 by Lisa
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After another sex scandal involving a senior member of the Catholic Church, questions are again being asked about celibacy. Is it realistic for someone to permanently go without sex? Celibacy does not mean abstinence. To the purists, celibacy – derived from the Latin for unmarried – means a permanent state of being without sex. Abstinence can be temporary. And it’s possible to be abstinent in a relationship. “True” celibacy means a life without both sex and a spouse or partner. Of course, there are many who give it a looser definition – merely indicating some sort of commitment to be
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How To Keep Casual Sex Casual

How To Keep Casual Sex Casual

How To Keep Casual Sex Casual

Casual sex begins in much the same manner for everybody. They just have a need for some hot, no strings attached sex. You just want to satisfy that inner, animal instinct. That craving that comes from seeing something, and wanting to devour and enjoy every bit of it….but just for a little while. You just want a little taste, but you don’t want to invest in a long term relationship.

But even having a friend with benefits runs the risk of getting messy unless you follow a few tried and true guidelines to keep it fun and keep it casual. You have to have a strategy to keep your emotions in check:

Find someone who annoys you – just a little. If you start sex dating with someone who you perceive as “perfect” in every way, then you may slip into a mode that heads down a relationship path. If this is not what you want, then find someone who gets under your skin – someone who annoys you – someone that you would dread waking up to every morning for the rest of your life. It’s much easier to keep it casual with someone that you cannot see yourself in a serious relationship with.

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Features – Dating Diaries, Encounters, Who’s viewed me!

February 10th, 2015 by Lisa
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Here at Randy Rabbits we try to provide our members with relevant, useful features to make your dating experience that much better. We’re constantly finding ways to match sexy singles and make finding that hot hookup a fun and fast experience. Here are 3 of our most popular Randy Rabbits special features, we hope you enjoy them as much as a ice cold sundae on a hot afternoon. I think sex is better than logic, but I can’t prove it. Anonymous Dating Diaries This is where members can leave a little tidbit about a recent date they’ve had, share a
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