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The Stats Behind Online Dating

November 14th, 2015 by Lisa
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When setting up an online dating profile, you come across some very personal questions. We’re always told to be honest about ourselves but to what extent does that rule apply to our online activities? It’s common knowledge that a little padding of the numbers happens in dating sites all over the world. We wanted to know if everyone is padding the numbers and if so, which numbers?

The Stats Behind Online Dating

The Stats Behind Online Dating

Some men believe that shaving off a few years is not only the best practice but also expected. Women always claim to be more honest about their true age, if that is true… what aren’t they honest about? And lastly, is it true that men and women get an equal amount of online attention?

We collected the statistics and sat down to take a closer look at the numbers behind the sexy profiles.

Women fake orgasms and men fake finances.

Suze Orman

The Hidden Truths

Studies show that women tend to bend the truth most about their weight, age, and physical build. Words like voluptuous, athletic, and mature are often found in profiles and descriptions. They are attractive sounding synonyms and let’s face it, men need to get away from the barbie-thin images they see in adult videos and fashion runways.

Men boost their stats a bit when it comes to age, height, and income. That’s funny, I thought it would be their ‘other’ size.

So is it acceptable to bend the truth on your online dating profile? I could say it depends on what your motive for dating is but our survey also showed that the majority of our members prefer honesty, understand that we are not all 6 foot Amazonian goddesses and are more than up for a good time no matter what your weight, age, and physical build.

There you have it! Did these statistics match up to your expectations or were you surprised? Let us know in the comment section below!



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