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Bondage For Beginners

October 9th, 2015 by Lisa
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The first foray into bondage can be an exhilarating and exciting experience. If it’s your first time taking a walk on the wild side, here are some tips to know before you get started.

Bondage for Beginners

Bondage for Beginners

But first, here are a some of the main benefits of engaging in a little tie-me-down action:

  • Self-Discovery – There is something extremely satisfying by taking your sex life into your own hands and discovering new pleasure zones you didn’t know you had. If you never try you’ll never know!
  • Healthy expression – Studies have shown that people who regularly engage in bondage tend to be more extroverted, honest about their feelings, and have lower anxiety levels.

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  • Keeping it interestingFeeling stuck in a rut or bored with the same sexual routine? Bondage is a great way to fire up those passions and get the gears going again. Discover new ways to pleasure your partner and experiment with completely new feelings and sensations are you explore the wonderful world of adult play.

1. Loosen Up

Set the scene from the start. Find out what gets you and your partner comfortable and do it. Naughty videos to get you in the mood? A bottle of wine and some treats? Whatever it is, feel free to go a little crazy and indulge in all your favorite foreplay fantasies. We won’t tell.

2. Toys and Tricks

Visit to your local adult toy shop to shop if you’re feeling frisky and adventurous. A quick hint: The salespeople are usually very knowledgeable and happy to help if you need some help picking out the right piece. Start with a few beginner basics, plenty of lube, and off you go! Be sure to stock up plenty of lube as well – I personally love a flavored lube but different types work best with different toys so ask your saleslady if you’re not sure.

It’s so long since I’ve had sex, I’ve forgotten who ties up whom.

Joan Rivers

3. Stay Safe

Establish a safe word before you get started, this should be a simple word that is easy to remember. It might help to discuss when to use the safeword and agree upon a course of action if the safe word is said. If you are with a partner for a first time or feel it’s necessary, have some protection on hand. I find that having a variety of condoms works well and could even be extremely enjoyable. Not comfortable with this? Try having her put it on.

And now you’re ready for your first bondage experience. Don’t be discouraged if takes some time to warm up and let your dirty dominatrix out – handcuffs aren’t meant to be comfortable, but they sure are fun!


Kinky Sex Habits and Fantasies of London Students Revealed

November 15th, 2014 by Lisa
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A surprising new survey has revealed that almost half of London students have steamy thoughts concerning their professors. A student newspaper called “The London Tab” delved into the sex lives of students of University College, London (UCL) and came up with some titillating results. The survey covered everything from sexting while texting, etiquette for one-night stands, and what’s desirable in a bed buddy. The majority of the students polled, 38.4 percent, were between the ages of 16-18 when they lost their virginity, but a significant minority was — 26. 5 percent — was between 14-16 years old. Late bloomers whose
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Kinky couple cut free from handcuffs by firefighters after racy bondage session

December 20th, 2013 by Lisa
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A bondage session took an awkward turn for a kinky couple in Halifax when they lost the key to their handcuffs and had to be cut free by firefighters. The embarrassed women from Hebden Bridge walked into a local fire station at 1.30am and asked for help after they got stuck while using the toy cuffs. ‘We found it amusing, but the girls looked embarrassed,’ Commander Paul Gyde told the Halifax Courier. ‘They (handcuffs) looked real and probably served the purpose for what they wanted them for.’ The firefighters eventually removed the shackles from the two women in their 20s,
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