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Sex Toys – Give Yourself A Hand

February 9th, 2016 by Lisa
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Sex Toys – Give Yourself A Hand

Sex Toys – Give Yourself A Hand

With all the fun and enjoyment that sex brings, there is definitely a focus on your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction. Society tends to encourage relationships and mutual pleasure while masturbation and self-gratification are considered secondary and remain a quiet topic.

The truth is, masturbation can produce some of the most intense orgasms and exquisite sensations. Not to say that you can’t scream your lungs out with a partner too, (there are by far more possibilities for sexual activities that just can’t be done solo) but nobody knows how you like it better than yourself.

A trip to your local adult shop will reveal hundreds of new, top quality toys… satisfaction guaranteed. Taking your sex life into your own hands is a literal and exhilarating possibility that is now easier than ever. If you’ve been out of loop and need some inspiration, here are the top sex toys of 2014-15 to liven up those lonely nights:

1.The Dildo

Not quite your average dildo – this is the latest is adult technology from the folks over at Fun Factory.

Stronic DREI

Stronic DREI


It’s called the Stronic DREI and it thrusts to mimic sexual actions. You can play with 10 different rhythms, various stimulation strengths, and use it both vaginally and anally. It’s the hottest thing on the sex toy market and a guaranteed good time.

The world’s oldest dildo was found in Pakistan and is of pre-Hindu origin dating back to 4000BC!

Randy Fact

2. The Glov

Hailed as a revolutionary new sex toy, The Glov is, according to their tagline, ‘Changing the way we play’ by making it easy to avoid those awkward arm movements and uncomfortable positions while pleasuring yourself.

The Glov

The Glov

A user-friendly latex slips on your hand for you to attach your toy of choice. With dozens of settings, options, and features, this beauty packs a lot of bang of its buck.

3. Cock Rings

Of course we can’t forget about our hunky members as well – there’s lots for you to look forward to in the world of adult toys. Cock rings are a great invention that is gaining popularity with men everywhere. Affordable, discreet, and great for both self-play and partner action, these little rings can provide longer and more intense orgasms for the wearer. Many men make the mistake of using it at the base of the staff but it is actually intended to go around the crown jewels. We recommend starting with a beginner silicon ring and work your way up to the metal ones if you’re still new to these bad boys.

4. The Vibrator for Him

For many years vibrators have been considered a item for the ladies, but there’s a new player on the market that is changing that perception. The Pulse is a great vibrator for men, or should we say ‘guybrator’, that can be used alone or with a partner.

The Pulse

The Pulse

It has a vibrator on the inside for him and one of the outside for her, making it versatile and usable in many different positions. It doesn’t vibrate, it oscillates (moves back and forth in a rhythm), and can be used as a massager or even as a hands free method of foreplay. One distinct advantage of The Pulse is that it can be used by men with Erectile Dysfunction – always good to know!

Most of these toys offer discreet and direct shipping, making it easier than ever to let your creativity and desires loose. Whether you use one of these or your own favourite toy, self-pleasure is a treat that should be indulged in to the fullest and hopefully one that will regain it’s status as a favourite past time!


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