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Will A One Night Stand Give You A Heart Attack?

March 10th, 2012 by Lisa
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A recent study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that occasional sex can cause a heart attack. Really? Well, that’s how some people are interpreting the data, drawing a connecting line between one night stands, casual sex and the risk of heart attack. That’s a short line, but not necessarily one that you want to get into.

The report states that occasional sexual activity is more likely to cause a heart attack than if sex were a normal, regular activity. The “science” behind it is that increased activity of the heart when it’s not accustomed to being revved up could put a person at risk of a heart attack. However, it must be noted that while a one night stand can certainly increase your heart rate, saying that the act of sex is solely the cause of concern is a bit simplistic.

What you may want to consider instead is that the report is saying that lack of activity, including sex, followed by a sudden outburst of activity causes stress to an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle.

A possible correction to this problem could be very simply to engage in more sex, more often, with more enthusiasm, whether it’s by way of a one night stand or within a committed relationship.

Now THAT’s a study we can get behind!

The bigger risk of a one night stand is by way of a heart-ache, not a heart attack. But this too can be avoided all together when it’s approached with the proper attitude and care. Your heart is strong and you have the ability to build this very important muscle.

Remember to see a one night stand for what it is: a recreational activity between two people that have no desire or need to enter into a longer term, committed, exclusive relationship with each other. As long as you know the rules of the game and stock up on condoms and safe sex practices, you are in better shape both physically and emotionally than those lonely souls sitting at home mindlessly devouring donuts.

Your body is genetically engineered for activity. Your heart craves to be exercised so that it can stay in shape and keep on pumping for decades. Indulge your desires for sex and if a one night stand will fit the bill then go for it. Like a famous slogan for an athletic apparel and shoe company: Just Do It! It can do your heart, and your libido, good.

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