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Adult Online Dating: Save Yourself From Mediocre Sex

April 8th, 2012 by Lisa
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Any sex is good sex, right? Well, if you’ve ever had mediocre sex then you know that this statement is just not true! Mediocre sex is, well, mediocre. It’s like peering through the glass counter at a bakery, eyeballing what looks like a moist, delicious, orgasmic chocolate cake only to discover when you bite into it the taste is bland and stale. Bad chocolate is just bad chocolate. And should be a crime. Adult online dating can save you from settling for mediocre sex in your life. Although, it can’t save you from bad chocolate unless your adult playmate is a master baker. Do you want to know how to fully embrace adult online dating?

First, let’s talk about lust. That carnal playground of flesh and chemistry all rolled up in a set of tangled sheets. You literally feast your eyes on your partner, and your mouth soon follows. This isn’t about perfection. This is about physical attraction, bumping your head on the headboard, falling off the bed, willingly experimenting with different positions, laughing, giggling, and releasing all tension and inhibitions.

That’s what can happen when you casually hook up with someone on an adult online dating site.

The reason it can happen is that you start anonymously online exploring your options, practicing your sex talk, before you even meet the person face to face. You build anticipation.

While you’re doing this, you are sort of admitting to yourself what you really desire. Great sex. And because you are among adults that are looking for the same thing, your inhibitions fade. The fear that you will be rejected or seen as something odd disappears.

As a result, something inside of you is let free and you are able to enjoy and explore sexual pleasures and sexual adventures. This freedom allows you to find out what you like, what you don’t like, and what you are capable of having in a sexual relationship.

Since you may or may not see that person again, you don’t have to hold back. Use this as an opportunity to explore your own body. But also use this to explore your partner’s body and build your confidence that you can give as must sexual pleasure as you receive.

Once you have hot, steamy, toe curling sex; mediocre sex will never, ever be an option.

And, you will know how to create it if you are ever at a point when you want a permanent relationship.

Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that an eventual permanent lover will have to be perfect. But it does mean that they must be willing and eager to learn how to be sexually compatible for you. If all they like is one position, and are not willing to explore beyond that, you have to let them go if you know you crave more from a sexual relationship.

Exploring adult online dating will allow you to experience, experiment, and sort through what you want sexually from another person. The pressure of “I’ve got to get it exactly right with this person or he/she will dump me…” is off the table. A casual sex encounter is just that, casual. At the onset you both understand that a permanent relationship is not required or desired. The only desire is great sex…and maybe some great chocolate too.

Lisa Devine and her partner are experts on sex and seduction. They met online through an adult dating site and only come up for air when they have something new to share. Other times the door is locked with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the handle. If you would like to receive more free tips on sex and seduction then hop on over to

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