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Open The Door To Dirty Sex

October 12th, 2010 by Lisa
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It’s probably a lot easier for a guy to indulge in his sexual fantasies than a woman. The minds of men are locked in on the visual aspects of sex and it adds to their sexual achievements if they have a few dirty sex stories to share. For women, however, their dirty side may be buried under a few layers of “prim and proper”. But don’t assume that you can’t unbury what is there.

Open the Door to Dirty Sex

Open the Door to Dirty Sex

If you are lucky enough to meet someone who is readily open to dirty sex then you are in luck. But don’t assume that your partner wouldn’t be into it just because you haven’t done anything dirty yet. Plant the seed and see what happens.

A comment as innocent as, “What do you think about when you masturbate?” opens up an opportunity for discussion. If she is willing to tell you that she masturbates, then you have some assurance that she is a woman who takes charge of her own pleasure and knows what she likes and what feels good.

Any sexual fantasies?

From there you can ask about any sexual fantasies that she has and share a few of your own. Watch her body language or listen to the tone of her voice when you are talking. Is she grossed out and turned off, or have you piqued her interest?

If this is something new to her, then you don’t want to come off as the Ace of dirty sex games. You want her to believe that you are starting at the same level as her. You want her to understand that you are exploring and experimenting with this wild side as her equal. With that level of comfort, she will be more likely to unlock her inhibitions and get a little wild.

There’s nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

Lewis Grizzard

While women are usually well adapted at planning a seduction with a candlelit dinner and romance, the man will likely need to take the ball on dirty sex. Introduce a sex game, some porn, or sex toys. Go to the bookstore with her and then head over to the erotica section. You can start with a Sex for Dummies book, but then pick up one with a lot of illustrations. Innocently suggest a few new positions to try. Plant the seed of suggestion. Then, read a couple of paragraphs aloud from a trashy romance novel about thrusting and heavy breathing, quietly, right there in the bookstore. Does she walk away in disgust, or does she look at you like a naughty girl that’s about to get caught by the headmistress, with a little mischievous gleam in her eyes?

A dirty book is rarely dusty.


If you get the latter reaction, you are in luck. You may have just discovered that your girl is more of a freak between the sheets than even the greatest sex fantasy you could have ever dreamed up.

The idea is to introduce the subject and then allow both of you to open up to the possibilities… Enjoy!



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