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Sex Bloopers That Guys Make – Top 10 « Randy Rabbits Dating!
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Sex Bloopers That Guys Make – Top 10

Sex. Seems like a simple thing, right. A simple word, just three letters. Easy to spell, easy to pronounce. So why is it that guys sometimes forget the basics, the ABC’s if you will, of sexual protocol? Here’s the top 10 Sex Bloopers that guys continue to make:

Top 10 Sex Bloopers That Guys Continue to Make

Top 10 Sex Bloopers That Guys Continue to Make

1 – Whining about being safe

Don’t complain about wearing a condom. If you are not concerned about being safe, then you’re not concerned about your partner. There are plenty of things about yourself that you can spread around but your sexual history shouldn’t be one of them.

2 – Fore-what?

We like foreplay. We like to give it and we like to receive it. Don’t skip over the pre-game show and expect fireworks when you score.

I’m a terrible lover. I’ve actually given a woman an anti-climax.

Scott Roeben

3 – Treading too lightly

While you don’t want to mimic construction equipment, you are not cradling eggs either. We are not so delicate that you have to proceed with extreme care. Just pay attention to our verbal and physical signals. We’ll let you know when to be gentle and when to get a little wild.

4 – Imitating a jack hammer

You are not doing heavy construction here, so vary the speed and build up rather than hitting it hard and fast and monotonous.

5 – Being a poor aim

Accuracy is crucial. Making sure that you end up in the spot that your partner has agreed to, is important. There is no room for ‘accidental slippage’ into an area of her body that she is not open to.

6 – Wet sloppy kisses need to stay in the kennel

Slow, sensual kisses are welcome, but if you start licking and drooling like Pavlov’s dog then you may end up in the dog house.
[Tweet “if you start licking and drooling like Pavlov’s dog then you may end up in the dog house.”]

7 – Barking out orders like a drill sergeant

There is a place to give direction, but it’s not always in the bedroom. There is nothing wrong with encouraging your partner to do the things you like, but she shouldn’t feel as if she is being coached through an obstacle course.
[Tweet “There is a place to give direction, but it’s not always in the bedroom.”]

8 – Developing ‘selective hearing’ when his partner is saying things like, ‘Don’t’ or ‘Ouch’

This indicates that you are selfish, rude, or possibly breaking some sort of law. Sometimes a woman just needs you to make a little adjustment in positions, or it could mean that she has a physical problem, or it means that she is not mentally in the game. Whatever the reason, you need to listen up and back down.

9 – Showering before a long day at work and not before a long night of passion

Women are very sensitive: to smell, to touch, to taste. If she is holding her nose rather than holding on to you, then something is wrong.

10 – Knowing that his partner doesn’t get off on porn but popping in a video anyhow

This one is easy. If it’s not turning her on, then turn it off!


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  1. You forgot calling out other ladies names…big passion killer!!
    Oh and the post-coital cuddle…us ladies like to share the after glow with you. Don’t just get up and stick the television on and make yourself a sandwich!!!!

    Comment by Janet — January 10, 2011

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