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Don’t Expect Sex Fireworks On Your Wedding

February 20th, 2014 by Lisa
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It’s often said that the wedding day is for the woman and the wedding night is for the man. Many men don’t mind spending a fortune for the wedding because they know that the wedding night will be all worth it. Well, if you are dishing out tens of thousands on your wedding day primarily to be satisfied on your wedding night, you had better stop now as according to the latest poll, your chances of entering the pearly gates are next to nil.

If you are expecting earthquake and fireworks, you had better brace yourself for some snoring and waterworks. A recent survey has confirmed that wedding nights are no longer filled with fireworks. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 52% said that they didn’t have sex on the wedding night and 17% confessed that it was a few days later before they jumped into the sack. A poll in which 72% of participants believed that sex on the wedding night isn’t as important as it had once been.

Some of the reasons given for not making love on the wedding night were, grooms being too drunk to perform and brides being too exhausted from the day’s activities. Sex experts are not at all surprised by the results of the poll. They say that some people may actually be too nervous to have sex on the wedding night based on false expectations and pressures to create fireworks.