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Phone Sex Addict Caught

January 16th, 2014 by Lisa
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BUSTED! A German phone sex addict caught because of a $7,000 hotel bill

If you’re gonna have phone sex, you might as well pay for it! Police in Lower Saxony have published the arrest of a man who had racked up over $7,000 in bills due to his perverted phone sex habits, all of this while residing in a Göttingen hotel. Since when do hotels provide enhanced phone call quality?

The man, aged at 22, has a ‘rich’ history of hotel abuse, making use of their phone lines for the purpose of phone sex throughout the whole day, though not having the money to pay the final bill, this according to the police spokesman.

A ‘heroic’ worker had phoned the police following the fact that the man was under cannabis and amphetamine abuse, admitting that he didn’t have the possibility to pay the final phone bill of $7,197 (phone sex is expensive these days, isn’t it?) or his six-night hotel stay cost.

The man made use of his creative mindset, offering to repay his debt in instalment. Nevertheless, the officers later realized that he had already been wanted for similar acts in the German cities of Hannover and Dortmund in the months of January and March of this year.

The man was finally arrested, but later reached a resolution with the state prosecutors and ultimately released.

Gotta admit, this guy really knows how to screw with the system! Phone call anyone?