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Explore your Sexual Wild Side – Top 5 Places « Randy Rabbits Dating!
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Explore your Sexual Wild Side – Top 5 Places

June 28th, 2011 by Lisa
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Explore Your Sexual Wild Side

We can learn a lot from our primal ancestors. Yep, I’m talking cavemen and cavewomen that had to freely explore their sexual wild side as a way to survive. They never knew when they were going to be wiped out by some oversized hairy mammal so basic survival – having sex and eating – became an all-consuming daily activity. Sounds like heaven, huh?

Even though things in our urban and suburban jungles are a bit more tame, there is no reason why we cannot celebrate our heritage. Here are the 5 top places to explore your sexual wild side (and avoid getting arrested):

Pitch a tent – I mean a real one, with sleeping bags. Technically you are not having a quickie in the open so it’s not illegal. If someone walks by that just makes it more naughty and you can make as many animal sounds as you would like!

Honey, pull the car over – If you’re taking that leisurely Sunday drive along a country road, take a little detour. Sure, you could jump into the back seat to get it on but why not turn up the heat? Check the temperature on the hood first and then jump aboard. She sits on the hood and wraps her legs around his waist and then can recline back as he penetrates. Feels a little kinky and brings back memories of your teenage years.

Hotel sex is best – Alright, a hotel isn’t exactly the great outdoors but how does that balcony look? You have all the usual excitement of having casual sex in an unfamiliar spot plus the thrill of taking it outdoors. You can imagine someone from across the avenue eyeing you through their binoculars so put on a great show.

Swing low, or high – Find a dark night and a playground and jump on the swings. Be careful here if you are in a residential neighborhood or there are curious neighbors around. It’s best if she wears a long, loose skirt and no panties. Jump on the seat of the swing while he stands opposite, facing you. He will hold the seat and swing you toward him for penetration and some playground pleasure.

Ahoy Mate! – Jump aboard a boat and let the sway of the water work to your advantage or make some waves of your own. Water is full of sexual connections and you can easily rock to the erotic rhythm of the waves. Let all your senses awaken as you listen, smell, and feel the power of the water.


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