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Using Great Sex As A Pick Me Up? « Randy Rabbits Dating!
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Using Great Sex As A Pick Me Up?

June 15th, 2012 by Susanna
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Listen to this one men, Every woman loves a great pick me up romp in the bedroom or anywhere else. It is a fact that pick me up sex can be used as a tool to mend fights, improve mental clarity, relieve stress and so much more.

Using Great Sex As A Pick Me Up?

Using Great Sex As A Pick Me Up?

A quick sex session can even help your hair become shinier and your skin to be clearer. Oh yeah and to top this all off your heart and immune system can be boosted while you are losing weight. Yes, I said losing weight. You can burn up to approximately 90 calories in as little as 30 minutes.

When you get home tonight make sure that you inform your little lady about all of these great benefits that she can experience from of a quick romp in the sack. Explaining these benefits to her might just get her hot and ready to go.

If your looking for some tips to experience mind blowing pick me up sex try these positions. She will love this one. First you pick her up placing your hands around her bottom and her thighs while your back is against the wall or even the washer. Have her wrap her legs around you and place her arms around your neck. In this position she can use her arms to bounce up and down. This position allows for your manhood to to slide up and down her clitoris allowing for her ultimate pleasure.

If that position does not appeal to her then try this erotic one. Ask her to jump in the shower real quick with you (A woman loves a confident man, that goes after what he wants) After you get her in the shower have her stand facing the showerhead while bracing herself against the wall. Have her put one foot on the edge of the tub as you enter her from behind. This position will give you access to her entire body while using water to slide your hands all over her. Good Luck men! Follow my advice and your guaranteed to make her happy.


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