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How To Talk Dirty Without Getting Booed Off The Stage « Randy Rabbits Dating!
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How To Talk Dirty Without Getting Booed Off The Stage

November 23rd, 2010 by Lisa
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Talking dirty can be enjoyable if you approach it with the right attitude. This is sex, this is fun, and it’s okay to have a little fun while you are twisting in the sheets. There is all kinds of sex ranging from serious and sensual to randy and dirty. With a little perseverance and practice you could add a whole new dimension to the bedroom zone. Here are a few tips to help you effectively know what to say in your lover’s ear.

How To Talk Dirty Without Getting Booed Off The Stage

How To Talk Dirty Without Getting Booed Off The Stage

Statistics show that 80% of our sex lives take place in our heads. To test the waters, you can simply try to tell your partner what you are thinking. Walking up behind her while she is brushing her teeth and whispering “I would really like to (blank) you right now” could start your day off with a different type of journey, or it could be the wrong time. If she looks more likely to poke you in the eye with her toothbrush than to take you up on your suggestion, then you may have to pick another time and place when she’d be more receptive, like during a sensual massage (link to: Make It All About Her With A Sensual Massage).

For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.

Isabel Allende

Pick up an erotic story and read it to her. You will want to find a sexy, suave and debonair voice when you read. Just a change in the tone of your voice could add a flavour of the exotic to your pre-lovemaking. By closing her eyes, she might even be able to picture herself with a foreign version of you! Jokes aside, there are women’s magazines that have an erotic fiction section that may be more appealing to your woman than a hard-core male version.
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Don’t get juvenile or sterile with your descriptions

Don’t get juvenile or sterile with your descriptions. You want her thinking sex, not feeling as if she is studying for a high school anatomy test. This is all about good communication and discovering the best sentences to use. Being positive is always the best start, you could tell them how good at kissing they are or how sexy they’re looking. A good place to test the waters could be on an adult site. You can ask the people you meet if they like to say sexy phrases in bed. If so, then what do people say that turns them on? You can also ask what someone said to them that disgusted them or simply made them laugh.

You could even learn a few phrases in another language, preferably a language of romance. Stay away from the hard “k’s” and choose a language that rolls off of your tongue. You can safely say something in a way that is pleasing to your partner while still providing verbal stimulation for yourself as you explain everything you want.

Don’t oversell it

Don’t oversell it and be soft in your approach, a whisper in her ear like ‘What do you want me to do with you?’, whilst softly kissing her neck can end with a scream of pleasure for your partner. Your goal should be to plant suggestions, show your open to mixing things up a bit, not give a play by play of every action that is taking place. Hopefully your partner is in the room with you, so every moment won’t need a commentary! She can fill in the blank, quiet, pauses with her own sexy thoughts.



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