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Friends With Benefits Are Better For Your Health Than Chicken Soup

December 20th, 2011 by Lisa
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Friends with Benefits are good for your health

Great sex makes you feel good. It’s an instant immune booster, makes you happy, and helps you live longer. While a traditional friend may bring you a pot of chicken soup when you are feeling a bit under the weather, friends with benefits can bring you something so much more satisfying

Oxycotin, serotonin, dopamine – these are all the feel good hormones that get released into your body when you have a great sexual encounter. Like a mini chemical explosion for your libido the chain reaction can result in better overall health.

And while chicken soup will make you feel good when you have the flu, what kinds of food can boost your sexuality? It will be different for everyone so sharing with friends with benefits can make for an interesting and tasty adventure.

Alcohol: This is one that we have all tried. A little will make you tipsy, relax you, give you a bit of liquid courage, and remove inhibitions. But be careful – too much will give you temporary “brewer’s droop” or make those vaginal muscles go to sleep on the job.

Chocolate: Many prefer dark chocolate as the chocolate of choice to arouse the libido. The trick is to savor the flavor and suck on it as it melts in your mouth. Better yet, try a bit of chocolate paint and create an edible masterpiece along the curves of your friends with benefits.

Cinnamon: Double the pleasure with a little cinnamon on your chocolate. This can also be sprinkled in your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Arouse your other senses with a little aromatherapy using cinnamon scented candles or oils.

Oysters: I’m not quite sure if it’s because of the look and texture of an oyster or the fact that it’s packed with a ton of zinc which your body craves. No matter, try a few shooters or play with it in a seafood soup to get the full pleasure of this delightful shellfish.

Figs: Just cut open a fig and you will see the appeal as a succulent meal for sexual satisfaction.

Honey: This sticky, sweet, sexy elixir is believed to enhance testosterone levels in the blood. Add to the sensual pleasure by dripping on your friends with benefits and using your tongue to lick the sweetness away.

Bon Appetit!


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