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Missy The First Inflatable Sex Doll Launched Into Space Blows Up

January 15th, 2015 by Lisa
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We’ve sent men, dogs, and monkeys into space, and now, America’s sent a sexy blow up doll into the final frontier. Missy, the inflatable sex doll, was launched into space from a location near Lake Tahoe by an adult product manufacturer based in California ,, Inc.

Missy The First Inflatable Sex Doll Launched Into Space

Missy The First Inflatable Sex Doll Launched Into Space

Assisted by a balloon filled with hydrogen that weighed approximately 4. 5 pounds, Missy soared above the Earth to heights of over 100,000 feet, proving that blow up dolls can endure a variety of atmospheric conditions. Climbing at a rate of 1,400 feet per minute, Missy experienced temperatures a low as minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit and travelled against 100 miles per hour jet streams. Even cosmic radiation over 100 times its strength on Earth couldn’t burst the blow up doll’s bubble, and she held together just fine when air pressure levels plummeted to less than one percent of what they are on Earth.

The owner of CNV, Dave Levine, stated that the trick to keeping the doll from exploding early on in her space adventure was to simply alter her air plug so that there was an equal amount of air pressure inside her as there was on the outside. By allowing a slight vent to occur through the air plug, air pressure levels were stabilized throughout the majority of Missy’s flight.

Missy’s sojourn into space was recorded by three high definition cameras, and the resulting video has been deemed the best video ever made of a blow up doll in space. Naturally, the imagination soars as well as to what possibilities exist for the role that future blow up dolls and other sex toys might play in extraterrestrial exploration.

Missy didn’t explode until she reached the lofty height of 102,000 feet above the Earth. She then began her long descent back to solid earth, and the atmosphere ripped her to pieces over the Nevada desert.

Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.



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