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The Sex Was Too Athletic

January 15th, 2013 by Lisa
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Amy Schumer is certainly no wallflower when it comes to sex. So when she went on the “Howard Stern Show,” she was more than happy to open up about sex with her WWE star ex, Dolph Ziggler.

On his Wednesday show, Stern asked Schumer about her split from fellow comedian and Roseanne Barr roaster Anthony Jeselnik. (“He was not attentive enough,” she said.)

Schumer told Stern that Jeselnik had to win her back. “I was [already] dating somebody else. I had a boyfriend. A wrestler,” she said. Schumer then revealed her heavyweight lover was Ziggler, and a discussion about sex soon followed.

“The sex was too athletic. Always. [But] the first time, I was like, ‘Oh, this is cool. Nobody’s ever ragdolled me.’ He was spinning me like a Globetrotter,” Schumer said about Ziggler.

Although his physique awed her, Schumer had to break it off because the sex was just too much. She dumped him via text, which is when she found out the muscle man had a very tender heart. Either way, though, Schumer was done.

Schumer was on Stern’s show to promote her first stand-up comedy special “Mostly Sex Stuff,” which premiered Saturday on Comedy Central.

She first appeared on “Last Comic Standing” a few years ago but considers Comedy Central her big break.

“‘Last Comic’ gave me a lot of exposure but I was like 23 or 24 when I was on there so I was really young with who I was as a comedian back then,” shetold OC Weekly. “I was dark then but now I am a 31-year-old woman who’s been having sex for like 20 years and dating so it’s more adult because I’m more of an adult.”


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Naughty Online Encounters

January 25th, 2012 by Susanna
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I do love naughty online encounters – the casual sex kind, I mean. It’s the excitement of hooking up with a stranger, but at the same time someone you feel you know.

Naughty Online Encounters

Naughty Online Encounters

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G-Spot Pleasure – Solved

November 26th, 2010 by Lisa
G-Spot Pleasure

G-Spot Pleasure

Just when you thought you had the female orgasm all figured out, you discover that there is more than one way to give her pleasure. Maybe it’s because women have to bear the burden of childbirth that they are given more than one way to have an orgasm, with more than one point of pleasure to enjoy it. Most people are familiar with a clitoral orgasm, and the mystery of the elusive G-spot has remained that…a mystery. Now, finally, there is some better information on G-spot stimulation…

Since the original research in 1940 and the bestselling book The G-spot there have been various definitions of what it is, where it is located, and if, in fact every woman has a G-spot. Newer research is a little bit clearer. While everyone does have this sexual hot spot, the amount of pleasure that a woman gets from stimulating this area of her body varies. This explains why some women love their G-spot, and others prefer an orgasm of the clitoris.

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Adult Online Dating: Save Yourself From Mediocre Sex

April 8th, 2012 by Lisa
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Any sex is good sex, right? Well, if you’ve ever had mediocre sex then you know that this statement is just not true! Mediocre sex is, well, mediocre. It’s like peering through the glass counter at a bakery, eyeballing what looks like a moist, delicious, orgasmic chocolate cake only to discover when you bite into it the taste is bland and stale. Bad chocolate is just bad chocolate. And should be a crime. Adult online dating can save you from settling for mediocre sex in your life. Although, it can’t save you from bad chocolate unless your adult playmate is
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Where are all the bored housewives?

January 23rd, 2012 by Susanna
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I can tell you exactly where the housewives are hiding: at home. No, really, that’s why they are housewives, and that’s also why they’re bored.

Where Are All The Bored Housewives?

Where Are All The Bored Housewives?

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